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Delivery and Installation

At Alpha Fitness, we pride ourselves in giving you access to quality fitness equipment. The equipment frequently requires specialized delivery and assembly. While we do not offer shipping, we work with you to create a seamless delivery and installation experience. Alternatively, you may pick up your order at our showroom located at 3300 Avenue de la Gare, Suite 105, Mascouche QC J7K 3C1. 

Visual renders Sofware

Alpha Fitness, we understand that building the perfect gym can be a
daunting task. That's why we've developed a software that makes it easy
for you to create your ideal gym space, and see it all visually.

custom gym builder allows you to select from a wide range of equipment
options, and place them in a virtual room to see how they fit together.
You can experiment with different layouts, and make adjustments as
needed, all from the comfort of your own home.

Our software also
has a 3D rendering feature that allows you to see your custom gym come
to life. You can walk through the virtual space, and see how the
equipment looks and functions in a realistic environment. This makes it
easy to envision how your gym will look and feel once it's built, and
helps you make informed decisions about what equipment to purchase.

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