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Compact Strength: Dual-Series Equipment

Compact Strength: Dual-Series Equipment

Limited space is often an important factor to consider when building a gym. Our dual-series machines are designed with this philosophy in mind, providing multiple exercise options in a single machine's footprint. Let's dive into our range of Dual-Series machines:

Multi Press Machine

Upper body strength is the name of the game with our Multi Press Machine, a perfect blend of design and functionality targeting shoulders and chest through heavy, yet smooth pressing movements. [LINK]

Pec Fly - Rear Delt Machine

Our Pec Fly - Rear Delt Machine, a dual-function powerhouse, focuses on your chest and the rear deltoids, ensuring a balanced and comprehensive upper body training. [LINK]

Leg Extension / Lying Leg Curl Combo

The Leg Extension / Lying Leg Curl Combo is a testament to our commitment to compact yet effective design, targeting key leg muscles, the quadriceps and hamstrings, for a complete lower body regime. Easily superset antagonist muscles with leg extensions followed by lying leg curls. [LINK]

Lat Pulldown / Mid Row Combo

Back muscles need attention too! Often back machines are the most sought-after pieces of equipment because of their ability to modify resistance curves. Our Lat Pulldown / Mid Row Combo combines two meat-and-potatoes movements into a single footprint. [LINK]

Abductor / Adductor Combo

Targeting inner and outer thigh muscles, the Abductor / Adductor Combo is specifically designed for those challenging to reach areas, ensuring a well-rounded leg workout. [LINK]

Biceps / Triceps Combo

Our Biceps / Triceps Combo machine is the epitome of efficiency, focusing on a preacher-styled bicep curl as well as triceps pushdowns. [LINK]


Smith / Functional Trainer Combo

This best-selling, all-encompassing solution integrates the functionalities of a Smith machine and a functional trainer. This combination is a powerhouse for those looking to diversify their workouts without consuming additional space. Perform an astonishing amount of movements, from squats to bent-over rows, to triceps extensions to cable pullovers. [LINK]

At Alpha Fitness, we believe in delivering quality, effectiveness, and efficiency through our equipment. Explore our Dual-Series machines and experience the blend of space-saving design and comprehensive workouts, tailored to meet your fitness goals. Join us in redefining fitness with smart solutions for every space.


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